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OB-6 Solid Saturated Bass

This fat saturated bass is created on an Analog Sequential OB-6 and then passed through [...]

JD-990 Warm Pad

New instrument. JD-990 Warm Pad! We have sampled a modified version of a nice and [...]

Sleepless Pizzicato

This is the famous pizzicato sound from the late 90s clubs. Now you can get [...]

OB-6 564 Unison Bass

This bass is wide, fat and solid. Great for synthpop, eurodance and EDM. It is [...]

Video Games FX

This instrument / sound collection contains 115 sound effects created by simulating various retro computers [...]

Yamaha SY/TG77 Lips

This is the iconic synth flute sound from the song “All That She Wants” by [...]

Industrial Bangs

We created this instrument by walking around various scrap yards and industries with sledgehammers and [...]

Pistol Junkyard Percussions

We release the Pistol Instruments Junkyard Percussions. This instrument contains two Sampler/EXS24 instrument with 113 [...]

Moog Voyager 2 Pole Bass

We release the Pistol Instruments Moog Voyager 2 Pole Bass. It’s the fatest 2 pole [...]

Virus Ti Fatty Pad out now

Today we are proud to present a new amazing instrument. The Virus Ti Fatty Pad. [...]