OB-6 Solid Saturated Bass

Pistol Instruments OB-6 Solid Saturated Bass

This fat saturated bass is created on an Analog Sequential OB-6 and then passed through an Elektron Analog Heat with the saturation character. It is multi-sampled in three velocity sensitive layers and with many sampling points (33 different samples that are seamlessly looped). It works perfectly in music styles such as Synth Wave, Synth Pop, EDM, Trance and much more.

The instrument contains one Sampler/EXS24 instrument with 33 multi sampled samples. All samples are recorded with the best possible cables, AD converters and through an Elektron Analog Heat Device at 48khz 24bits. If you don’t have an Sampler/EXS24 compatible sampler (most samplers are) you can use the individual AIF samples directly in your DAW or your sampler.


Patrik Pistol

OB-6 Solid Saturated Bass