Sleepless Pizzicato


This is the famous pizzicato sound from the late 90s clubs. Now you can get it and use it in the Apple Logic Sampler directly. Buy Seepless Pizzicato for only $ 5.

This is created from the real thing. We have used a Roland JD-990 (Used in the original Insomnia song. It has a higher sampling rate, bit rate and better DA converter than Roland’s other synths that contain similar sounds), Roland XV-5080 and a Roland JV-1080. The instrument is carefully multi sampled taking into account the different split points and dynamic differences in the original instruments. The sound has gone through an Elektron Analog Heat (Clean Boost) unit to produce that punchy late 90s sound and then be recorded in a Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre in the highest quality (88.2 Khz 24bit and 44.1 Khz 24bits).

We have also created improved versions of the instrument (included) to meet today’s standards for sound quality.

There is a totalt of six sampler instruments in this package.